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A Little About DOE

DOE Industries produces the highest quality ink proofing kit (quick peek) available. We have manufactured our products in the United States for well over 30 years, and are currently manufacturing on Fox Island in the state of Washington. DOE Industries has sold thousands of kits to ink manufactures, commercial printers and coating labs all over the world. We are a responsive company known for our reputation of quality and consistency. Our videos will help explain the ink proofing process and what tools are needed. Please feel free to contact us with any questions.

The DOE Industries Ink Proofing Kit has become a crucial instrument for quality control, and standardizing ink colors and densities. Our kit costs are a percentage of the cost of other proofers like the little Joe proofer and the quickpeek. The Ink Proofing Kit is an easy and quick way to proof inks with minimal clean up. In one easy proof you can check - color, density, dry time and dry back that occurs with some pigments. You can proof the trap of two colors, check effects of color change with different substrates, test dry time, check rub resistance, and also check the effect coatings will have on a color.